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A personal message from Dr. Gay Hendricks …

I can pinpoint the moment I took my biggest leap forward in creating the financial abundance and life satisfaction I’ve enjoyed for many years. It was the moment I realized how to liberate my genius.

One day in the ‘90s I had an insight that changed my life. I call it my Genius Insight. Let me tell you the story, so you’ll know what happened from the inside out:

In my moment of illumination, I realized that I had a specific area of genius in me, but I was not expressing it fully in the world. The reason I wasn’t expressing it: I was squandering all my energy and attention on things I was excellent at, good at and not good at. I didn’t have time and energy left over for expressing my true genius. I made a commitment in that moment to doing whatever it took to express my real genius, and from that moment it took me less than two years to go from just being comfortable (a few hundred thousand dollars in savings) to multi-millionaire status. Plus, I eliminated all the stress in my life… the stress that comes from not expressing your genius and being frustrated doing a bunch of things that are poor substitutes.


See if you can relate to these discoveries I made. I’m not very good at things like fixing mechanical stuff or balancing checkbooks, but I realized I was spending time on them (and getting frustrated in the bargain.)

I realized that there were things I was good at, but there were plenty of people who were just as good at doing them. For example, I’m competent at giving speeches, but there are plenty of people who can do it as well or better than I can. I realized I was doing a lot of these sorts of things just to make a buck.

Next, I realized there are things I’m excellent at, such as writing books and creating videos, but even these things are not my real genius. In fact, it’s easy to get stuck in the “Excellence Trap” and never get to what your true genius is. Once I really put my mind to it, it didn’t take me long to home in on my genius (and now that Philip Johncock and I have created this course to take the mystery out of it, it’ll take you a lot less time than it took me.)

Take the Mystery Out of Discovering Your True Genius


What I discovered is this: My genius is coming up with innovative ways for people to express their true potential. That’s what I’m very best at, and when I’m doing it I never feel like I’m working. I can do it all day long and not get tired. In the Genius Course Online, you’ll discover your true genius and how to express it in the world. There are marvelous rewards for doing it, such as feeling exhilarated and satisfied all the time. But there’s also a big pay-off that surprised and delighted me beyond my wildest dreams.

The universe will pay you to be yourself and do what you really love.
--Shakti Gawain

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Right after I made my big discovery I began to enjoy a bigger flow of financial abundance. I soon realized that there was a direct relationship between my discovery and the bigger flow of money in my life.

Here’s why:

Your genius is also the thing that produces
the greatest ratio of abundance to time spent.

In the year after I tapped into my genius and began to express it (instead of wasting my time and energy doing things I was just good at or not good at), I was delighted to see an extra million-plus dollars in my accounts. Now, a few years later, the abundance is even greater. This past year, for example, I launched a new web-based enterprise that is already generating more than a quarter-million dollars a month in revenues (and producing over $70,000 a month in after-tax profits.) This is just one example of how tapping into your genius can give you undreamed-of abundance.

I completed the course a couple of months ago,
and I have subsequently manifested clients that I work with
while doing exactly what I love to do.

--Anna, San Francisco

Can you do the same sort of thing by tapping into your genius? I don’t see why not, but there’s only one way to find out. Make a commitment to your genius, and watch the benefits begin to flow your way.

The Genius Course Online gives you the technology to tap into and express your genius easily and quickly. The lessons and activities are easy to follow and do on your own, at your own pace. Learn in the privacy of your home or office. Invest a few minutes each day learning and applying what you learn from the course and you will reap the benefits immediately.

I want to say how impressed I am with the course.
It is clear, easy-to-follow, and thorough.

--Marlene, Canada


When you tap into your true genius, you open up new creative possibilities in every area of your life. Here are some of the results we’ve noticed:

Your life works well for you, effortlessly.
Energy and time drains stop. Extra time and energy are available to you to focus on your creativity and what you want.
What you do generates a high ratio of abundance for time and energy spent.
Your life purpose becomes crystal clear.
You notice when you are out-of-integrity and know how to quickly get back into integrity with yourself and the flow of life.
You enjoy doing what you love AND the wealth you deserve.


In the Genius Course Online, you will learn:

What your true genius is - Session 1
To enjoy a quantum shift in your true creative power - Session 2
To generate a sense of urgency to jump-start your genius - Session 3
What you persist in doing that keeps you out of your genius - Session 4
Specific ways to overcome addictions to suffering, going through the motions, doing well but playing safe, and more - Session 5
To identify and move beyond your greatest fears easily and gently - Session 5
To identify genius qualities from your childhood - Session 6
To reveal more of your true essence - Session 7
To generate a high ratio of abundance for time and energy spent - Session 8
To build your vision and creative intuition on a strong foundation of integrity - Sessions 9-12
To become a genius appreciator - Session 13
  BodyMind Harmonizing" activities to combine the power of your conscious mind, unconscious mind and whole-body learning - All Sessions

Imagine re-visioning all your life priorities
so you live the majority of your life from your genius?
This course which Philip Duane Johncock and Gay Hendricks
have crafted makes it possible to do just that!

--Jennifer, Philadelphia


The live seminar on which the course is based costs $495. However, many people are unable to attend a live course. So, we created an online version. The online version has all the key concepts and processes of the live seminar for ONLY $195.

That’s right, you’ll learn the latest technology to make discovering and expressing your genius easy and fun … for ONLY $195!


Now, a new feature is available for those who want unlimited contact and coaching. Receive coaching directly from a certified GENIUS COACH while you complete the Genius Course Online. Select the “Unlimited Email Coaching” option when you enroll. For a one-time additional cost of only $95, receive unlimited email coaching from a trained GENIUS COACH. Then, just send us an email message and we’ll get back to you, usually within 24 hours. Ask questions. Receive support, coaching and encouragement.


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What feels very best is going to bed at night and getting up every morning feeling completely turned on about life … knowing I’m doing everything I can to express my genius in the world. The purpose of my life is to express my genius in the world and to assist others who are interested in doing the same thing.

If enough of us get busy doing that,
we can change the world for the better
and have a great time along the way.

My co-instructor is award-winning author, educator and producer Philip Johncock. Join us by starting the Genius Course Online right now.

With love,

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D